This video presents ways of finding a good suboxone doctor. Suboxone is a treatment that requires a doctor’s prescription. Finding a suboxone doctor is not as simple as finding a doctor to prescribe painkillers or anxiety medication. Suboxone doctors must meet some requirements and possess a state medical board license.

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They need to know why you want it and what it will use.

The best way to find a good suboxone doctor is by asking your family doctor about their medical techniques or expertise in addiction treatment. You can keep looking by asking whether people generally like them or not and if they have any complaints about the clinic. Before making an appointment, you must look at other people’s experiences with the doctor. You want to know what others think of how long it takes for appointments and whether or not they have had any problems with billing or insurance coverage.

A good suboxone doctor will also refer you to a substance abuse counselor if necessary and monitor your progress regularly. It is crucial if you have a history of abusing drugs like heroin because they can be highly addictive and dangerous when taken with suboxone.


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