It’s always interesting to see how the tools we use every day are made. It’s very fortunate that we can see what tools make our tools. Specifically, we’re going to talk about how we create micro drill bits. Thousands of years ago, humans probably used a pointed rock to create a hole in another rock.

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Obviously, we’ve advanced much farther than that. Most people associate drill bits with contractors and carpenters, but there are many other fields that rely on drill bits to complete their work. Medical facilities, artists, and many others use them too.

To create these drill bits, a small cylinder called a blank is ground down by a diamond grinding wheel. The diamond grinding wheel is equipped with a special liquid that helps make the blank smooth. The blanks are organized into a single file line so they can go one by one into the next step of manufacturing. Then, each blank is checked for proper quality before they’re processed into drill bits.

Each blank is individually ground down in between two wheels. Once the wheels are done with their manufacturing process, the blank is ground down to about the width of a human hair.


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