In this video, you will learn about the bail process. The bail process begins when someone is arrested and the judge sets the bail amount. The bail amount will be based on the type of crime, if the person arrested is a flight risk, and if the person arrested would be a danger if they are released back into the community.

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If the person cannot afford the bail amount that is set for them, or if the judge does not see the person fit to be bailed out, the person arrested will have to wait in jail until their hearing. This can last anywhere from weeks to months. Another alternative that people consider is hiring bail bondsmen. A bail company is usually available 24/7 to take your call. A bail company usually will meet you somewhere, or come to your home if you are not in the same area as the person who was arrested. All of the paperwork and payments can usually be completed online. The bail company usually charges between 10-15% of the bail amount. This can vary based on the type of crime and location. For more information, keep watching this video.

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