There are so many roofing options available on the market that the choice can be overwhelming. Two options often found in certain parts of the country are clay and concrete roof tiles. These are two unique styles that can add a unique look to your home. What should you know between clay and concrete roof tiles? Or is there a better alternative?

Clay roof tiles are made by baking molded clay. The density of these roof tiles depends on the time and temperature at which the tiles are heated.

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Roof tiles come in different colors, with shades of white, yellow, orange, and even brown. But the most common color of clay tiles you can find is terracotta.

The high temperature used to bake clay tiles helps to set the color so that it does not come off or fade. They are durable roof coverings and are highly insulating. To help you choose your roof tiles, read on the some of the difference between clay and concrete tiles.

Water absorption is the perhaps the key difference between these two types of roofing materials. For clay tiles, water absorption is about 6% with concrete tiles having about 13%.

As a result of this increased water absorption, mold and dirt can form on the concrete tiles. Excess water also increases the weight pressure on the roof. On the other hand, the water absorption rate can be reduced by adding a coating.


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