Are you trying to create a will but don’t know what kind you want to get? For example, what is the difference between a will and a living will, and are these differences important? Of course, they’re important! In estate law, even something as simple as a single word can affect what you experience. Thankfully, this simple video will make it easy to figure out exactly what you need.

First, it breaks down the nature of a will, including when you might want to make one for your situation. Then, it discusses a living will and, furthermore, what kinds of situations serve it well.

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You’ll learn more about how to set up these different will options, how their differences may affect you financially, and other important questions that deserve a clear and reasonable answer.

In this way, you can learn the difference between a standard will and a living will and avoid getting one that doesn’t work for your needs. This kind of early planning is important if you have any type of estate and you want to make sure it is properly handled. In this way, you can keep your funds properly distributed, avoid common issues with will execution, and minimize complications as well.


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