Portable classrooms provide a flexible solution for schools that need more space for students. Modular classrooms don’t require construction work, and with a wide range of options, schools can find classrooms that serve their needs. When you’re exploring flexible classroom solutions, you should ensure you take requirements into account. This video from BethelSchools discusses the costs associated with portable classrooms, and you can find more information about modular classroom requirements below.

Some portable classrooms have built-in restrooms, but other units only provide classroom space. It’s essential to provide enough bathrooms for students, so you may want to look into porta potty rental in Bremerton, WA, if this geographic location is relevant to you. It’s important to search for services with specific geographic detail.

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Students have limited time to use the restroom between classes, so you should provide an ample number of toilets.

Air conditioning is also a concern, especially in the hot summer months. Portable AC units, like a window box AC, are often an effective way to keep modular classrooms cool. Fans can also be used to circulate air throughout the space.

A growing number of schools are using portable classrooms to meet the needs of their students. If your school is considering modular classrooms, learn more about your options and ensure that you’re providing students with everything they need. That way, you can give students a comfortable environment to learn in.


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