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If you’ve always been a pursuer of justice or if you simply want to ensure a lifelong career that’s stable and fruitful, you may want to think of becoming a lawyer. While you’re determining which area of law to go in, consider the recommendations by lawyers when it comes to the top types of law to pursue. When you turn to recommendations by lawyers who have experience in various fields, you can truly immerse yourself in what it feels like to practice as an attorney before you choose a type of law to pursue for your own future and career.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re thinking of going into law, and you’re currently seeking recommendations by lawyers with regard to the area of law you should pursue, criminal defense may be an industry worth researching. Becoming a criminal defense lawyer is not only a way for you to ensure stability and security when it comes to your work, but it’s also a way for you to give back to citizens in your community who may be in need of legal counsel at some point in their own lives. When you’re working as a criminal lawyer, you can choose to do so by joining an existing firm or going solo, depending on your skills, experience, and financial ability to do so at the time.

Criminal defense lawyers work to protect the rights of their clients, regardless of the potential crimes they may or may not have committed. A defense attorney’s responsibility is to prove to a judge or a court of law that their client is not only innocent but should not be charged with a crime of any sort. Working as a criminal defense attorney will require you to know the ins and outs of criminal law, and it may require you to hone in on specific state laws that represent the location you intend to work in.

Will and Testament Lawyer

Will lawyers help clients prepare their wills and testaments while also protecting assets and estates. From understanding regulations and restrictions to tax laws surrounding assets and estates, there are many different areas of law you’ll need to understand if you’re planning to do so as a successful will and testament lawyer. If you’re interested in becoming a will and testament lawyer, you’ll also want to research which areas or regions near you are currently in need of assistance when it comes to managing estates, wills, and testaments. Getting to know more about the demographics of your preferred locations can also go a long way in finding a commercial space that will provide you with the clients necessary to remain successful.

Promoting your services as a will and testament lawyer may be possible with the use of local marketing tactics and traditional online marketing techniques, depending on who you are trying to reach. For instance, if you’re targeting the elderly in a location that is more rural, you’ll likely have better luck with traditional methods of marketing, such as using printed fliers, mailers, and even television or radio advertisements. However, if you’re determined to expand your reach, you can also do so with the use of online marketing, especially if you’re targeting younger demographics who may have investments and businesses they’re already interested in protecting and preserving.

Automobile Accident Attorney

If you’re interested in assisting individuals who have been in a serious car accident, you can also choose to do so by working towards becoming an automobile accident lawyer. Working as an auto accident lawyer will allow you to help clients who have been seriously injured, disabled, or even emotionally traumatized by an accident they were involved in, regardless of who is found to be at fault. If you’re thinking of working as an auto accident attorney, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of the laws surrounding vehicle collisions, damage, and personal injuries near you.

As an auto accident lawyer, you might be tasked with assisting clients with the process of gathering, organizing, and presenting evidence in front of a jury or even in front of a judge, depending on the case you’re representing in a court of law. When you’re working as an accident lawyer, you may also need to act as a mediator or negotiator, especially if your client is currently interested in seeking compensation from the individual who caused the original accident. Additionally, when you’re an auto accident attorney, you’ll also need to have the ability to prove your client’s case with photos, videos, and witness statements to increase the odds of a ruling in their favor.

Probate Attorney

If you’re interested in recommendations by lawyers that allow you to work with family issues such as estate battles, disagreements, or settlements, you may want to consider pursuing a career as a probate attorney. Becoming a probate litigation lawyer is a way for you to spend time representing clients who may be attempting to settle estate plans. To succeed when you’re working in probate, especially as a solo lawyer, you’ll need to know the statewide and national laws as they pertain to estates that are similar to the estate involved with your own client.

Slip and Fall Attorney

Another area of law to consider pursuing if you are already considering a career in personal injury might include slip and fall cases. Working to become a professional slip and fall lawyer will allow you to specialize in cases where individuals have slipped on an unsafe surface, resulting in debilitating injuries, brain damage, or in some cases, even lifelong disabilities. If you’re determined to help your clients resume a sense of normalcy in their daily lives after experiencing a slip and fall accident, you will want to understand what each case entails and how to go about pursuing a slip and fall case before settling on the area as your specialty.

Understanding what it entails to become a slip and fall attorney will help you determine if the path is right for you, based on what you want to do as a lawyer that will help you feel satisfied and content. You will also need to know potential setbacks, requirements, and challenges you’re likely to face whenever you’re moving forward with a slip and fall case. Studying previous slip and fall cases that have been granted, lost, and dismissed can also help you to better determine if the area of law is truly right for you and your pursuit of working in law.

Foreclosure Attorney

When you’re seeking recommendations by lawyers regarding the top types of law to pursue, and you have a desire to work in real estate in some capacity, consider becoming a foreclosure lawyer. Working as a foreclosure attorney will allow you to represent clients who may be in the process of losing their homes or those who are interested in fighting a foreclosure notice in court. If you’re interested in the corporate side of foreclosure law, you can also opt to represent the clients who are interested in pursuing foreclosures on tenants or individuals who are no longer paying for their property.

You can work as a foreclosure attorney once you’re not only well-versed in foreclosure law, but also in real estate law that is relevant to you and the clientele you intend to represent. When you’re working as a foreclosure attorney, you’ll need to know how to best navigate the legal system whether you’re planning to represent individual clients who are losing their homes or if you’ll be representing larger corporations and even organizations once you’re ready to begin practicing. If you want to work in foreclosure law, you’ll have the chance to do so by opening up a law firm on your own or by working with an existing foreclosure firm, depending on where you’re located and current regional demand based on the global real estate market.

Bilingual Law Expert

If you’re bilingual and interested in pursuing a career in law that’s recommended by lawyers who are already established and successful, consider working as a bilingual lawyer. With the rise in various languages in the US and around the entire globe, knowing multiple languages and working in law has become increasingly valuable. The more languages you can speak, read, and interpret, the easier it’ll be for you to work successfully as a bilingual law expert or attorney, whether you choose to represent an organization or start a law firm of your own.

When you’re working as a bilingual attorney, you’ll need to assist clients who may not speak the native language of your country, which, in the United States, is English. Whether you’re a native Spanish, French, Arabic, or Chinese speaker, there are many different positions for you to consider if you’re determined to establish yourself as a bilingual attorney in just about any state in the country. With the ability to communicate across language barriers, you’re not likely to find yourself out of work anytime soon as a bilingual attorney, regardless of when you finalize where you plan to set up shop.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Another one of the most popular areas of law that is likely to be mentioned and recommended by lawyers includes personal injury. Becoming a personal injury attorney is a way for you to help clients fight for the compensation they require or deserve to make a recovery after an accident, slip and fall, or in some cases, even an assault. To become a personal injury lawyer who succeeds, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of the law based on the state and country you intend to practice in and the types of cases you’re interested in taking on and accepting.

When you want to work as a personal injury lawyer, you’ll need to determine the best path to take to ensure ongoing success for many years to come. Working as a professional personal injury lawyer requires in-depth knowledge of the law, client rights, medical rights, and more. You will also need to know how to effectively communicate, negotiate, and mediate with anyone who may also be involved in a case you take on to assist your client through the legal process.

Disability Attorney

Becoming a disability lawyer is another option to consider that is popular among established attorneys. When you’re searching for recommendations by lawyers about which area of law may be most fulfilling to you, becoming a disability attorney might be one route you’ll want to consider and keep in mind. Working in disability law will require you to become familiar with statewide and national laws regarding both SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Supplemental Security Disability Income) along with any other work-related or personal laws regarding disability relevant to your area of law. The more knowledgeable you become with regard to the laws surrounding disability claims, appeals, and resolutions, the easier it will be for you to establish yourself as a professional lawyer once you’re ready to do so on your own.

Establishing your own disability practice is one way to begin attracting clients, especially when you do so in an area where the demand is high and continuing to climb. Before you begin your work as a disability attorney, you’ll want to take the time to research the claims filed by those who are currently interested in receiving disability income, depending on where you’re located. Choosing the right location can have a significant impact on the number of clients you’ll be able to attract to your firm, even if you’re a brand-new lawyer working in the field for the first time.

Using a range of recommendations by lawyers to learn about the legal system and different types of law to pursue is highly recommended for anyone who has a vested interest in becoming a lawyer or pursuing a career in criminal justice in any capacity. When you want to know more about various areas of law and how attorneys work, you can do so by seeking recommendations by lawyers you trust and those who operate successfully near you or in your region. Familiarizing yourself with the types of law to pursue, the benefits of doing so, and how to get started in law yourself will help you decide which path is right for you and the type of clientele you should represent.

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