In this video, you will learn about the science behind the best flooring and discover the most practical tiles for your project. An oriented strand board is the most common material used as a subfloor to sit on the top of floor joists.

You cannot use any kind of flooring and need to learn about the best choice. If you have a concrete floor that is poured concrete, then there are two basic things that you need to worry about while flooring. Number one is the type of flooring and its bonding and number two is the control over the moisture that will be coming from the ground.

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The best option for basements is the final flooring. However, this is best suitable for houses that are made after 1990. Most people choose ceramic tile floors and porcelain floors. The difference is that ceramic is a weaker stone and it can break easily compared to porcelain.

Porcelain when compared to ceramic tile floors is more durable and resistant to damage. However, the only way to stop a floor from cracking is to put a crack isolation membrane between the cement and the tile. You can either use a cement board or plywood for the base as both serve the same purpose.

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