If you are just getting started in the paving industry, you might be a little overwhelmed. It’s scary to step foot into any new field, especially one as saturated as this one may be. But don’t worry. There will also be enough paving jobs to go around, whether you believe it or not. Paving contractors usually don’t experience shortages in work.

If you are just beginning to look for jobs, you should start by asking your mentors for references.

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Your teachers and other leaders in your certification courses are going to be the best starting point in your search. They can point you in the right direction of jobs that may be available. Perhaps they can even put in a good for you with some companies or other contractors that they know. A reference can go a long way and could even be the start of an entire career for you. But if nothing else, it can at least be a good way to get your foot in the door.

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