India is a beautiful and colorful country with numerous natural monuments and landscapes to admire. However, these monuments, mountains, and landscapes threaten nearby citizens, as landslides and other natural incidents can occur anytime. Let’s see how India solves their landslide issue and how it can set an example for other countries.

In short, landslides are the rapid movement of rock, dirt, and other natural elements that move by gravity and other external factors. Landslides are common in rocky terrain near mountains, and natural causes such as earthquakes can start a landslide.

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India struggles with landslides more often than other countries, as they are near the tectonic movements of the Himalayas and has a high volume of citizens that live close to these landslide areas. However, India now has numerous procedures to fight these landslides, such as the National Landslide Risk Management Strategy and the NIDM (National Institute of Disaster Management).

Thanks to the quick and effective actions of the Indian government and authorities, they have the means of action against landslides and other natural incidents. With these rockfall mitigation services, they can now rest easy knowing that landslides are an issue from the past.


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