In this video, you will learn about how a bail bond works. The average number of people in jail each year has shot up. The answer to this issue lies within the bail system.

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The intended outcome of the bail system is not being followed through. The term bails refer to someone who is in jail awaiting trial. Other countries around the world have their own version of jail. The United States’s version of bail is different than most countries. Some countries around the world don’t even have bail. Cash bail is what the United States bail system relies on. Under U.S. Law, people are innocent until proven guilty. That is why bail is allowed. It is a monetary amount of money that is set by the judge in order for the convicted to be able to walk the streets on good faith until the trial. Unfortunately, this targets the lower income. Primarily, it is low-income people who cannot reach bail. It is very rare that a judge will deny bail. More often than not, the judge will set the bail very high. Keep watching this video for more information.

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