Residential roofing and commercial roofing differ in several ways. Some roofing companies offer only one of these services, while others offer both. Here’s what sets the two apart from each other.

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The first difference between residential and commercial roofing is the amount of time projects take. Residential roofing jobs typically take between one and three days. Commercial jobs, on the other hand, tend to be more complicated, and they can take several weeks or even months. The timeframe of a job depends partly on the materials used. Residential companies usually stick to locally sourced materials, but commercial companies may need to order parts from larger suppliers, which will take longer to ship.

For both residential and commercial roofing, safety is imperative. All roofing companies need to adhere to OSHA guidelines, but residential companies need to take extra precautions, as they are more likely to work on roofs with steep inclines.

Pay for a roofing job varies not only depending on whether a company does residential or commercial work but also based on how that individual company operates. Some roofers will ask to be paid in full upfront, while others will only request partial payment before a job is done. It’s ultimately a roofing company’s choice how they decide to conduct business.


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