In this YouTube video, Homebuyer’s School looks at the difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile. While they are both popular choices for building, they each have their own strength.

Both stones are durable and come in many colors. Porcelain is a little more durable out of the two.

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Ceramic is more porous than porcelain and should not be used where water may be sitting on it regularly.

Polished and textured surfaces are available for each. Polished surfaces will show more fingerprints, toe prints, and similar markings, but both are relatively easy to clean. Scratches will show up a little easier on polished surfaces.

Neither stone needs to be sealed or refinished. For bathrooms and kitchens, porcelain is better. Walls won’t suffer as much wear and tear as the floor. Polished might be better for walls with textured for floors. Both stones will look great at the end of the day, but it depends on how much a person wants to spend. Prices for each type of tile can vary based on texture, finish, color, size, volume, and more. These tiles won’t need to be replaced unless they are damaged.

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