Your life is forever changed when you earn an associate degree. This two-year program can help propel you into a new career, such as getting employed in a family law firm or laying the groundwork for continued education that will lead to a bachelor’s degree. Whether your goal is to work in health care, business, technology, or another field, many options are available at the undergraduate level. You need to know your goals before taking classes; some programs require specific majors. If you know what route you want to take, plenty of the best fast online degrees are available at affordable prices. The following list shows five popular degrees currently offered online:

Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree

Are you interested in the healthcare industry but are not sure that it is right for you? An Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Associate Degree is one of the best fast online degrees and maybe a great alternative to those of you unsure about pursuing a full-time degree. There has been an increase in online OTA degrees as occupational therapy assistants work at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare locations.

What exactly does an Occupational Therapy Assistant do? Occupational therapy assistants’ duties can vary depending on where they work; however, most of their job is spent working with patients to encourage them to improve their lives and help them adapt to everyday activities. They assess patient needs and then create plans and provide treatment accordingly by using various methods such as:

Occupational therapy assistants may help patients by giving them special equipment to assist them in their everyday activities. If an individual has lost the ability to dress due to a stroke, an OTA may teach them how to put on their clothes with hooks and zippers rather than buttons.

What are the requirements of Occupational Therapy Assistants? The educational requirement of occupational therapy assistants is an associate degree or certificate from an accredited program offered at community colleges, universities, medical schools, business schools, vocational schools, and hospitals. Most OTA programs are two years in length, but it may be possible to complete an approved program in less time if a student is already employed as an occupational therapy aide.

How do you get started with your Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree? An associate degree is the easiest way to begin a career as an OTA without going back to school for four years. With online programs, you can complete your coursework on your own time from anywhere in the world with access to an internet connection. Learning core principles to help people improve their lives will set you apart from those who only work as an occupational therapy aide instead of completing postsecondary education.

How many universities/academic institutions offer associate degree programs in Occupational Therapy assistants? You can find a few Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree programs online that do not require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for enrollment which is why this may be a good option for those of you who have been working as an occupational therapy aide and decide you want to become an OTA but do not have four years to spend towards earning your bachelor’s degree. You can expect there are at least 170 schools nationally with OTA academic programs available. It would be best not to hesitate to pursue an occupation therapy assistant degree as one of the best fast online degrees with all these opportunities.

Computer Support Specialist Degree

There are tons of courses available on the internet, allowing students to complete a Computer Support Specialist Degree as an Associate Degree program. It is one of the best fast online degrees. The degree enables an individual to acquire the knowledge of working with computers and learn about today’s technology advancements that make computerized gadgets accessible to pretty much everyone easier than ever.

There is a wide variety of fields you can focus on if you’re preparing for an online career in this area; some examples include information technology (IT), networking, customer support, cyber security solutions, management, etc. Depending on your schedule and availability, you can choose between undergraduate certificate programs, associate degree programs, or graduate certificate programs.

Computer support specialists must have extensive knowledge of operating systems, including Windows, like Windows 2000 Professional. They must also be familiar with Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Computer support specialists can work in various sectors, including education, legal services, banking and finance, insurance, etc. They primarily deal with helping users troubleshoot various computer errors and malfunctions and provide technical assistance on various computer issues like hardware and software problems or dedicated server hosting services.

Since the job is usually quite challenging, you will need patience when dealing with demanding customers who do not know how to operate the device properly or understand basic technology concepts. The good news is that this position generally requires just a high school diploma or equivalent, so it’s an excellent opportunity for those looking for entry-level employment while keeping their options open and exploring other areas.

Computer support specialists typically work in an office environment, remotely via phone and e-mail or onsite. You should be prepared to focus long hours on your computer, working with other people across the globe; there is a lot of international collaboration involved in this profession, so you should be comfortable communicating effectively with customers from different geographic locations.

The online courses offered by colleges and universities can help students acquire skills necessary to successfully pursue employment in the field of information technology (IT) and prepare them for taking certification exams like Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). On top of that, you can also find several free resources available online. There are many websites dedicated to providing current information related to technology news and updates, which will make you stay relevant in this field. The websites offer a wealth of information for free that’s worth checking out if you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve.

Students who would like to pursue their careers in IT should consider enrolling in an associate degree program from accredited colleges or universities offering Computer Support Specialist Degree as an Associate Degree programs online. It’s a great way to acquire knowledge that will help you succeed in this promising field since it is one of the best fast online degrees.

Healthcare Administration Degree

Healthcare administration degrees are becoming more popular best fast online degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare management careers were among some of the highest growing professions in the United States between 2010 and 2020. Because of this surge in demand for employees, for instance, an international travel nurse, many people seek associate’s degrees to help them get started on their career paths.

Since these associate’s degree programs usually take less time than bachelor’s degrees, they can be completed faster; therefore giving graduates an advantage over those who hold only high school diplomas when looking for work or pursuing higher education opportunities later down the road.

Healthcare administration degree online programs are available in various states, and each one will include courses that pertain to management in various health care settings, such as local orthodontists. These programs usually require about two years to complete; however, students can finish their studies much more quickly if they attend school full-time.

Students will learn how to supervise physicians, administrators, and other healthcare workers during these courses. They will also gain knowledge in important areas like patient relations and general surgery billing. When looking for associate’s degree programs related to healthcare management, individuals should ensure that independent organizations accredit the schools they’re interested in studying at, so they know their academic achievements will be recognized when it comes time to enter the workforce.

Students who enroll in healthcare administration degree online programs will learn about several different topics related to regenerative medicine therapy. To ensure students receive a thorough education, many colleges require their health care management students to complete practicum projects and internships before graduating from their programs with an associate’s degree.

Associate in Arts

There are many paths to attaining the best fast online degrees. One of them is through completing an associate in arts (AA) program. If your goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree, then pursuing an AA online can be one among many steps that lead you there. You will need to enroll in courses that meet some basic requirements for this path; be sure you’ve done so before you start working on your AA itself.

Coursework in an AA curriculum includes subjects known as core courses. At least six credit hours must come from three broad areas, called categories A, B, and C. Category A comprises communication or art. This can include literature or other humanities classes that deal with creative expression. Category B consists of social science courses exploring humans within their physical surroundings; you may choose from history, psychology, geography, sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, etc. These courses enable you to learn various things that happen in the physical surrounding, like biodegradation. Finally, there is category C. It covers humanistic inquiry, including humanities courses that are not necessarily focused on creative expression. Courses in the natural sciences are included here, so you will choose mathematics or other areas of study that investigate the physical world.

Your college’s catalog should detail the specific classes that have already been deemed acceptable for general education credits towards an AA at your school. Even if no official list is offered, you should be able to find basic guidelines by contacting the registrar’s office at your school. Suppose your school does not offer any coursework specifically designed to meet these guidelines. In that case, it may be possible to petition the college board to allow certain courses from other disciplines to count toward these requirements. These petitions can take time to process, so you should apply long before the semester begins.

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

When choosing one of the best fast online degrees, most people think that getting an associate’s degree in criminal justice is useless. However, this isn’t the case at all. You can learn more about this degree below on why it is the best choice for people who want to work in law enforcement or even become investigators.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice has many different classes. They include social science statistics; introduction to sociology; introduction to psychology; human behavior and the social environment; theories of criminology; juvenile delinquency; courts and corrections; crime prevention strategies; crimes against society (organized crime); police organization and management (police systems); legal aspects of criminal behavior (constitutional law); criminological theory (criminal behavior problems); theories of criminology; and issues in corrections (correctional institutions).

A criminal justice associate’s degree has the same topics covered in a bachelor’s degree program, but it is very watered down. Most people take this degree because they either don’t know what to pursue or they need some college experience under their belt. However, if you take an online or residential school instead of commuting to campus for this degree, you will get hands-on training that will help you succeed when you get out into the real world. This can be very beneficial if you want to become a police officer one day.

Many different universities around the United States offer Criminal Justice bachelor’s degrees, but even more, colleges offer Criminal Justice Associates degrees. Most of these institutions are online because the classes don’t take long to complete and can be done at home. You don’t need to go into a classroom or meet with professors face to face if you don’t want to, which makes this degree very appealing for people trying to balance work and family life.

There are many benefits associated with taking an associate’s degree in criminal justice over a bachelor’s degree because it is so much cheaper, you don’t have to do any additional research before applying since it has all the same topics as a bachelor’s degree, you get hands-on training while still being able to continue working your current job, and the best benefit is time. With a bachelor’s degree, you have to take four extra years of classes to get the same education that you would from an associate’s degree.

Suppose you are thinking about going back to school for a college degree. In that case, you should seriously consider getting a criminal justice associates degree online as one of the best fast online degrees. This will not only save you money and time, but it will also provide the same educational benefits as something that costs more than twice as much to obtain. Stop wondering if this is the right choice for yourself and do some research today, so when you finish your coursework, you can begin looking at the top jobs in various parts of the world.

Whether you want to be one of the best commercial builders or offer home insulation services, gaining a valuable degree is important. By choosing one of the best fast online degrees like the ones mentioned above, you will be setting yourself up for success in whatever industry you choose to enter after college.

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