According to this video, choosing what to study in college can be daunting. The availability of numerous professions can confuse learners even more. For instance, the law is one sector that attracts hard-working, highly intelligent, and ambitious people. Studying law can prepare an individual to become a defense lawyer. Before venturing into law school, an individual must have a basic understanding of what lawyers do.

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Being a lawyer is not just about being in court. It involves many hours of research, client management, and writing. People who are comfortable working long hours can study law with minimal struggle.

Being a defense lawyer requires a combination of preparation and improvisation. Preparing cases can be time intensive and requires extensive attention to detail. To study law, a student must be able to work under pressure to manage their employer, the courts, and the client. Knowledge of client or sales management shows that an individual is ready to become a defense lawyer. The legal profession involves lots of reading. As a result, people that are passionate about reading are better placed to study law. Other signs that a student should study law include the willingness to help people, a passion for mediation, a love for public speaking, and the zeal to argue and prove a point. Being an excellent writer is also a critical sign that a student is ready for the legal profession.

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