working student high school options

According to The Washington Time, the number of working high school students is at a 20-year low. However, this doesn’t mean that the number of high school students working isn’t significantly high. 1 in 4 high school students, according to News OK, work part-time jobs up to 15 hours a week.

For some students, these part-time jobs are to gain extra money and experience while they still live in the comfort of home. But for many working-class families, it’s to pay bills or rent. The more the economy sours, the more hours these students will work and the more their grades will suffer. However, there are working student high school options available that allow the students to focus on their work on a working-class schedule.

Accredited online high school
Online high schools and online learning classes have been around for years, but as technology advances, they become significantly more popular. This is because online high schools offer a more personalized learning experience that caters specifically to each individual student.

The average teacher-to-student ratio in both public and private schools is an average of 1-to-25 or 1-to-30. Therefore, the teacher’s time and attention are limited in regards to each particular student. They are given an hour to teach to a classroom filled with students and oftentimes are unable to pause for questions lest they fall behind schedule.

Working student high school options such as online learning allow your student to keep up with the class and to ask questions, receive feedback, and gain knowledge all according to their own pace. This means that even if your student is working up to 15 hours a week, they are able to keep pace with their education much in the same way as a part-time college student.

Working student high school options such as an accredited online high school sets teenagers up for success in a way that public and private schools cannot. Some students are able to flourish in a classroom setting, but for those who may not be able to keep up, an online education offers them another option for learning aside from accepting that they’ve fallen behind.

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