If you’re a busy person who wants to develop new skills or learn more about topics of interest, have you considered taking an online course? Home study courses are a convenient way to gain knowledge and expertise when you’re unable or don’t want to attend classes in a traditional classroom setting. Furthermore, many people prefer taking online courses because they can learn at their own pace minus the common distractions in a traditional classroom.

The Babson Survey Research Group’s 2013 report revealed that over 6 million students have taken at least 1 course online. Currently, 32% of students in higher education are also taking some of their coursework online. Then there’s the freedom to study any time or anywhere, which is why 64% of online students love participating in these courses.

For students that need to balance work, family, and social obligations, taking classes online can enable them to begin or continue with their studies. This was the case with 68% of online students that want to complete a degree. It’s important to note that by 2020, it’s been predicted that more than 60% of the jobs available will require employees to have a post-secondary education.

The survey also showed that 63% of the individuals taking online courses were employed. It’s not surprising to discover that career advancement was a major motivation for 46% of the students taking online courses. These professional learners have taken courses or obtained additional training and certifications within the past 12 months. They chose to do so in order to expand their job skill set and/or expertise for the purposes of career advancement.

While professional learners may be taking courses to advance their careers, personal learners are doing so to explore their interests or advance their knowledge in 1 or more areas. Within the past 12 months, 74% of these learners engaged in a variety of activities to meet these goals. In addition to reading and taking courses, these individuals also attended events so that they could further develop their personal interests.

If you’re a professional learner, a personal learner, or both, why not expand your knowledge by taking an online course? Since there are so many different courses from which to choose, chances are that you’ll discover several courses that appeal to you.

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