Climate control systems placed in houses or commercial premises are referred to as HVAC systems. It is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This means that an HVAC contractor has service experts responsible for installing, fixing, and maintaining these systems. Hence, Heating contractors are responsible for the installation and maintenance of heating systems, including boilers, thermostat and heat pumps.
Applicants may begin getting an HVAC Contractor license after completing the necessary four years of experience.

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Following the submission of documentation of satisfying the eligibility conditions, the TDLR will grant exam eligibility. Application requirements, such as taking and passing the test, must be completed within a year after filing. After passing the test, you are not required to get a Certificate of Insurance.
An essential element of getting your license is studying for and passing the State test. Requires a significant amount of time before you can begin working with your license if failed. We provide the best test prep and all of the necessary materials at the best pricing in the business.

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