Psychology program

Unfortunately, there will always be family problems. There is likely to always be high divorce rates, child custody cases, and marital problems. Couples and families will always struggle with their differences, attempting to find new ways to communicate and live together in different situations. The consistent struggles of families make a profession in family studies very valuable. Family studies degrees might include family law, family counseling services, marriage and family therapy, and social work fields. The family studies degree is in high demand in today?s working world, and can be used in the following fields.

Counseling and therapy.

Counseling focuses on the mental health and communication of people. A family studies degree focuses on improving the mental health and communication methods of families. Families may experience many struggles, including divorce, step families, and marital problems. Those who choose to work with families on their problems will find it very rewarding to provide couples and families with new communication methods.

A person who chooses to utilize their family studies degree in the counseling or therapy field may also be involved in child custody cases or child foster cases. They may work on reconnecting families or on evaluating which home a child is better off in. The life of the family counselor or therapist is very diverse and provides many opportunities for work.

Family law. A family studies degree is also a very helpful background for someone interested in working in family law. Family law is needed when divorce cases cannot decide on who gets what. There may also be disagreements surrounding child custody. A family law professional may obtain a law degree to actually advise and represent the families, or they may work as an assistance or contributor in the field, simply helping legal counsel to better understand their client?s needs.

Family health. A family studies degree can also help prepare someone in the medical field to work with families on their physical health. Many family physicians? will see a variety of patients. Some will even be responsible for the care for an entire family. The college program of the family studies degree prepares these individuals to effectively communicate and evaluate the needs of all types of family members. Approximately 83% of all college attendees say earning their degree has paid off. Many will find benefit in this type of a degree.

Adult education and teaching programs. Teachers are responsible for teaching children and sometimes, adults. However, teachers will also often work with the families of their students who are interested in how the student is doing. In many cases, the academic success of the student depends on the involvement of the family. The communication studies degree prepares teaching professionals to effectively communicate with the families.

The average hourly wage for college graduate is about $32.60. Additionally, Americans with four year college degrees made 98% more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree. These statistics are the reason that more people are considering going back to school. A family studies degree prepares these teachers and professors to effectively educate them.

Service professions. Almost any profession that a college student chooses will involve families in some way. For example, accountants provide financial advice for family situations. Contractors are tasked with creating more livable areas for family houses. Even restaurant business owners must find a way to make their business friendly and inviting for all types of families. Most professions will find that a family studies degree or a communication degree will be helpful to their employment industries in some way.

There is no question that college offers many benefits to its students. The family studies degree, for example, prepares students for a variety of employment fields. It provides a background that is based in communication, family issues, and ethics. The education that someone in the communications or family studies fields gains will transport across a variety of different employment fields.

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