Coral gables schools

The debate between public and private schools absorbs many parent?s minds as they attempt to choose their child?s educational path. Now also there are well-respected charter schools to further confuse the issue. For those parents with the financial ability to do so, private schools traditionally are a strong contender for the first choice. There are many reasons for this, but the five reasons listed here are the most significant benefits of private school education.

  1. Smaller Class Sizes: The more children a teacher has in their class, the less individual attention each child receives, and private schools average 12.5 students for each teacher to public school?s 15.4. That well-established fact regarding teacher to student ratios has significant effects on learning capabilities. One primary reason for this is the ability of a teacher with a small class to adjust their teaching methods for the different learning styles of the students. The effect on grades and standardized test scores is evident in the results as private school students consistently outperform their peers.
  2. Better Facilities: Public schools are funded, in general, by tax dollars. The educational budget in the United States does not exactly receive the highest priority, so often the buildings and grounds of public schools have not been updated in decades. This can be a problem as time goes on. This is not simply a matter of aesthetics, but functionality, as needs in schools changes over time. One primary benefits of private school is better funding. These institutions are funded by the tuition they charge, allowing for new buildings to be funded, as well as sports fields as any other remodel necessary.
  3. Superior Athletics: More funding means more than just remodels, it also means sports equipment purchases, summer camps for student athletes, and funding for better coaches. That pays off in the long run with athletics departments in these schools being fiercely competitive, especially private high schools.
  4. Access To Technology: The technology used in the classroom can either enhance or detract from a student?s educational experience. Also, teachers need reliable equipment to work with both during and after their time teaching. Constant battles with outdated computers simply distract and takes time away from the business that should be at hand.
  5. Higher Quality Educators and Staff: When a school has the ability to pay a decent salary, they attract higher quality applicants. The teachers in private institutions are often better prepared to handle the diverse requirements of their job without becoming burnt out.

The benefits of private school are clear to most parents, and to those who believe such a place is the best environment for their child but do not have the financial ability to cover the tuition, there are options. Contact local private schools and discuss scholarships and assistance because, after all, your child?s education it worth it.

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