Stained glass is one of the most scared forms of artwork throughout history. Tons of time, effort, and detailed etching goes into every stained glass window. In contrast, we often take windows for granted. Without a doubt, ordering a basic style and calling a window installation service to put in your family windows is incomparable to the stained glass windows of history. To get a feeling of what exactly goes into making these magnificent pieces of art, this video takes us through the process of stained glass-making.

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First, a rough sketch is made. It is then transformed into stark black outlines, which is called a cartoon. After the cartoon is finalized and ready to be made into a stained glass piece, each of the piece are cut out and pasted onto a sheet of glass. Each glass is chosen based on color and texture, in order to bring out the elements associated with the cartoon. after the individual pieces are cut and ground to their perfect sizes, they are painted on with a mix of oxides and pigments. They are shaded, matted, and put together using lead strips. They are then soldered together and displayed.


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