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Gas companies refine oil into different types of usable fuel for us to use as power for our homes, automobiles, and more. This video delves into the refinery process and shows how oil is turned into gasoline.

The process starts with distilling. The oil is superheated into vapor and turns back into a liquid in a distillation chamber. Stacks of trays collect the liquid and separate them by weight. Heavy oil is sent to the bottom with lighter gasoline moved to the top.

Next is a process called cracking. It breaks apart long strings of carbon and hydrogen in heavy oil and makes it more useful. Reforming is used to reform the structure of molecules in a fluid called naptha. This makes it usable like gasoline.

Blending is another process used. Gasoline is blended with different chemicals to create different levels of oxidized gas. This is why there are different types of gasoline at the gas station. They’re made to work with specific engine types.

Treating is done to produce cleaner gasoline. It protects the environment and our health. It strips sulfur away and the compounds get turned into fertilizers and even pharmaceuticals. For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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