How do you ensure you’re setting up your child for success down the road?

This is a question every parent asks themselves at one point or another. It’s not easy trying to figure out the future when you have so much to concern yourself with in the present…but it’s more than possible with a helping hand. This is where the benefits of preschool come into play. Designed to give your child a healthy foundation of social skills, fine motor skills, and language skills, early childhood education is a full package with lifetime results. Should you be considering enrolling your child this year, consider reading below.

From summer camp to creating a vibrant community of friends and mentors, there’s no end to the benefits of preschool.

Enrollment In Preschool Education Today

Many parents find themselves struggling with the difference between preschool and daycare. Figuring this out now will spell consistent success for your children down the line. The function of preprimary programs is to provide groups and classes organized to provide educational experiences. This includes kindergarten, preschool, and nursery school programs. According to recent research the percentage of children between the ages of three and five enrolled in preprimary increased from 60% to 65%.

The Difference Between Preschool And Daycare

Why should you go about finding the right preschool over a daycare center? It all boils down to how much you want your child to take away from the experience. While daycare is certainly useful when you want a watchful eye over your children, preschool is designed for safety and education. Three-fourths of young children in the United States today are actively participating in a preschool program. Thanks to the increasing demand for early childhood education the employment of preschool teachers is expected to see a 10% growth at the very least.

Developing Fine Motor Skills And Basic Knowledge

Your child’s brain is like a sponge. The first six years of childhood are considered to be the most valuable to today’s psychologists and doctors. Preschool games and lessons are designed to be both fun and incredibly informative, helping your child develop the skills they need to thrive. Fine motor skills include writing, drawing, and sculpting. They’ll learn basic math and language skills, as well, to keep their education as well-rounded as possible.

Creating Friends And Learning New Hobbies At Summer Camp

Social skills are not innate, but learned and perfected through practice. Summer camp is a wonderful addition to any preschool classroom, providing your children with the means of putting their knowledge to practical use. A good summer camp should provide steady access to activities, games, and several opportunities to build connections with others. The United States is home to 14,000 day and resident (or overnight) camps. According to recent studies by the American Camp Association, over 90% of campers stated the people at camp helped them feel better about themselves.

Preschool Philosophies To Last Your Child A Lifetime

Grade school readiness is built on a steady foundation of practice, socialization, and good resources. This is the promise your preschool will give you and your children every time you drop them off. Back in 2012 it was found 65% of children whose mothers worked full-time or part-time were enrolled in center-based childcare, compared to 60% of children who had mothers looking for work. Your preschool checklist should include a list of credentials, notes about the classroom size, and how close the location is to your place of residence. This is an equation that will add up greatly over the years.

Summer camp, fun games, smart lessons. A good preschool will help your child achieve just about anything they set their mind to.

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