In this video, you will learn about chiropractors. When you go to your first chiropractic appointment, it is good to know what to expect. Some people might feel anxiety about their first chiropractic visit.

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This is normal. It can help alleviate stress if you know what to expect. When you first lay down, you might hear some noises from the table. This is not your body making these noises. It is the table. There is a tool that they use that can help aid in the adjustment. They will check the neck and see if there are any sore spots, or spots that can use an adjustment. The cervical curve is crucial in how the body works. It is going to help the spine get in the right direction. Whatever we do, the nerves in the neck might have issues here. This can cause tension or pain and affect how the body is working. There is a lot to know about chiropractic. Keep watching this video for even more information.

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