If you are a welder, you might be wondering if you need to be an aws certified welder in order to get gigs. A was certification allows a welder to be able to carry their license across the country without having to restart their application process to be a certified welder in another state. To answer the question though, it’s both a yes and a no.

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Welding is a trade that is highly sought after nowadays as there are fewer and fewer welders out there. Most businesses will not require a welding license as long as they can tell that you are proficient at the job. So it is possible to cross state lines and be able to find a job without an aws certification. The thing is, what an aws certification does for you is it proves that you are a proficient welder along with allowing you to take a government-regulated job anywhere across the country. So while there may be jobs out there, having this certification is the quickest way to find employment as your skillset is recognized across the country. There is a lot of studying that goes into passing your exams for your certification, but it is well worth it.

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