There are a variety of fire suppression systems fit for different types of fires. The severity, environment, and size of fires will require their own unique fire suppression solution. Proper systems for suppressing fires will protect electronic devices in the general area, people’s lung capacity, and the integrity of the building itself. Let’s dig a little deeper into the variety of fire suppression systems and their uses.

A fire suppression system is an organized group of suppression units designed to extinguish fires through the application of another substance. These systems generally have built-in components that detect fires at their various stages (heat, smoke, warning signals, etc.

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). The attached alert system will then indicate the next course of action to properly suppress the fire. It is usually the release of an external substance that extinguishes the fire.

The different types of fire suppression systems are chemical clean agents, inert gasses, CO2 systems, and water mist systems. Each type has its own required set of conditions, and it’s essential that these conditions are properly assessed before installation in residential or commercial zones.

To learn more about fire suppression systems, click the video we have linked above.


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