Defined as the act of giving or donating valuable resources such as money and food, Catholic charity expects nothing in return. It’s a selfless act that provides various benefits to the most vulnerable members of society. At the same time, it ensures that those people’s human rights and basic needs are met.

Nonprofit organizations founded on this belief don’t gain monetary profits from charitable contributions meant for good causes. As Catholic schools have existed for so many decades already, donating has also been a way of life for most people for many generations. Nowadays, you’ll find various forms of charities for a wide range of causes – assisting with Catholic educations, health, employment, culture, and the environment.

Numerous charitable organizations are dedicated to promoting sustainable development and assisting community members in becoming more self-sufficient. Regardless of the fund purpose, whether they are used for school programs, training courses, or other purposes, the donations provide a solid foundation for the recipients.

If the recipients participate in programs that focus on promoting sustainability, they can become self-sustaining and no longer have to rely on charity funds.

Still not convinced as to the significance of charity?

Watch this video by MSNBC to see how Catholic charity can change the lives of many families in need. Plus, you’ll also discover the challenges that the Catholic Charities Brooklyn andamp; Queens organization has faced over the last months of running their food bank in Queens.

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