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The human mind is a fascinating thing. The way that the human mind has developed over the ages is an incredible testament to the brilliance, resilience, and ingenuity of our species. In the early years of our existence, there was the discovery and application of fire, and there was the invention of the wheel. Now we have skyscrapers and flying machines and screens with the capability to connect us with just about any other person on the planet. The progress and advancements have been remarkable. And the fascinating thing is, our collective development over time is a stretched out version of what it looks like for an individual to grow from an infant with very little understanding of the world around him or her, to an adult who can reason, understand, create, and process on a deeper level.

The importance of early childhood education

A child’s mind is like a sponge, constantly soaking up any new information that is present. These early years, particularly up to about six years of age, are crucial for early development and establishing the base of a child’s education and cognitive skills. Finding the best preschool for your child, as well as the right child care and after school programs that foster that learning environment, are crucial in providing the support and opportunities that your child needs to rise up to her or his true potential. In fact many parents are now opting for year round preschool, as it is a helpful alternative to day care, and it gives the child a jump on structured learning.

What can year round preschool do for your child?

Preschool is an important time for your child. The beginning of structured learning, your preschooler will still be learning from everything in his or her environment, so with these two factors combined, you can expect to see major advancements in your child’s learning and understanding. And opting for a year round preschool only gives your son or daughter more opportunities to learn and grow. Consider just a few of the skills that your child will be discovering and developing as a preschooler:

  • Identifying colors by sight and name
  • Naming basic shapes
  • Correctly identifying body parts
  • Introduction to math as they name and visually recognize the numerals zero to nine
  • Beginning to memorize the alphabet, starting with capital letters, and identifying some lowercase letters
  • Physical development and improving motor skills, including standing on one foot, jumping in one place, strength, balance, kicking a ball, running, and more
  • Using learning time to improve memory and hone language skills
  • Interacting with other children and thus developing social interaction and starting to understand emotions

You want the best for your child. And starting your young one on a promising path early, to help engage and develop basic skills and knowledge, will only improve his or her chances of quickly becoming a bright, intelligent, and well rounded individual. More info like this.

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