Top technical schools in miami fl

Education is everything. It’s what paves the way for a burgeoning career and leads to a comfortable house where you can raise your family in safety. In today’s modern age many find themselves struggling with how to go about achieving their education. Do they attend a community college? How about a prestigious university? Which career is even the best option for them? Technical schools answer this question on a daily basis, helping hundreds to thousands of students graduate every year in fields such as medical assistance, culinary arts and ventilation repair. A lack of direction doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have focus. It just means you have to ask a few more questions.

Culinary Arts

Do you dream of joining the field of culinary arts? Technical schools have a few career paths you can choose from. According to data provided by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the demand for culinary specialists of various industries is only getting higher and higher by the day. They expect the field to grow by about 9% between 2014 and 2024, with job opportunities for bakers, in particular, increasing by 7%. Line chefs and sous chefs are in high demand, though you can also seek out a career in cake decorating if you’re more on the artistic side. For those interested in the medical field, medical assistance is a prime place to start.

Medical Assistance

Perhaps your interests lay closer to the medical field. With American medical care seeing multiple economic changes, the demand for nurses, pharmacists and medical assistance is on the rise. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics nearly 60% of medical assistants work in doctors’ offices on various tasks such as filing, calling and nursing. Additional studies have seen demands for medical billing as well as coding to increase by 15% over the following years. For those that are more into engineering and technical skills, HVAC repair could be the solution for you.

HVAC Repair

Air-conditioning is an everyday feature of American homes. Because of that HVAC installation and repair is a field that only sees more and more growth. The Bureau Of Labor Statistics projects that the year 2022 will have an impressive 21% increase in job growth, perfect for those who are interested in a busy career that will provide them with plenty of opportunities. The average HVAC technician makes $48,000 per year. This number, however, can grow experience.

Pharmacy Technicians

Similar to medical assistance, the field of pharmacy is a massive one with huge growth expectancy. When half of all Americans rely on a medicinal drug once daily, it’s only logical that pharmacies will need more and more new growth over the coming years. As of now there are nearly 398,000 pharmacy technicians working in the United States in fields such as consultation, delivery and nursing assistance.

Choosing A Technical School

Technical schools are designed from the ground up to get you on the right track to develop your career. The average trade school degree is not only reliable, it’s more affordable than the competition. Studies have shown technical school degrees cost around $33,000, while a bachelor’s degree can reach $127,000 or more. Rather than taking years and years to give you an education a technical career institute establishes the basics and pushes you toward organically developing useful experience through work. Whether you like the sound of medical assistant training or starting in a bakery, there’s a future for you.

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