Private schools education

Did you know that humans learn and absorb information at the highest during their first five years of life? Educational researchers believe this is the reason why children whose parents enroll them in early education programs tend to become healthier and more affluent than children who are deprived of any kind of early child care.

Despite what the research says, many mother’s find it difficult to head back to work once their maternity leave comes to an end. As a result, some parents for whom it is financially viable decide to have either mom or dad stay home with their young children until it is time for kindergarten. Still, research shows that once children reach the age of two that they will get more from high-quality child care facilities.

Whether you are talking about baby daycare, private child care, or even summer child care, the research shows that children who attend educational daycare make important developmental strides because of it. They not only tend to grow into more goal-oriented individuals, but they also gain the confidence required to achieve their goals.
When the time for high school graduation and college come around, teens and young adults who attended day care as young children are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Of course, products of private schools have the highest high school graduation and attendance rates of the bunch. But that could have as much to do with parental interest and encouragement than the quality of the school.

The bottom line is that children are more likely to live happier, healthier, and more affluent lives if their parents enroll them in baby daycare, preschool, private day care, or any type of early childhood program. More research here.

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