Public speaking course

A fear of public speaking or public speaking anxiety is said to be one of the most common fears or anxieties among American adults. Also known as glossophobia, public speaking anxiety affects nearly 75 percent of people. Public speaking anxiety manifests in a number of ways, but the most common symptoms include a voice that quakes, sweaty palms, pounding heart, and dry mouth. Because professional development and academic achievement is often connected to public speaking, it is an anxiety that can and should be treated. Luckily, there are many organizations that offer public speaking help or a public speaking course to help you get over your fears.

When it comes to public speaking anxiety, most mental health professionals assert that practice makes perfect in overcoming some public speaking pitfalls. There are many methods to alleviate public speaking anxiety. In addition to preparation, practice, and muscle relaxation techniques, good content that incorporates humor, is positive, and anticipates differing views can also ease public speaking anxiety.

In addition to engaging content, it helps to know your audience. A good public speaker must connect with the audience in an authentic and genuine way. In other words, a good speech is like a good sales pitch. The audience (or consumer) needs to relate to the speaker (or product). The audience needs to see that the message is sincere, which could mean sharing anecdotal experiences from the speaker. A good speech also ensures that the message being conveyed is provocative, meaning that it gets the audience to want more. Using tools, such as video or audio clips, are also good ways to keep an audience engaged. There are also many public speaking organizations that can provide forums for you to practice and hone your public speaking craft.

In combination, all of these elements can eliminate all, if not some, public speaking anxiety issues. Train your body to interpret these signals as excitement, instead of fear, and you can rid yourself of public speaking anxiety worries. References.

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