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It wasn’t too long ago that preschool was considered an unnecessary step in a child’s education. The truth is, enrolling your child in the best preschool is a significant way to develop their small minds while ensuring long term educational success.

Generally, preschool is an early childhood educational class for three and four year olds. Children can go to a full day preschool, year round preschool, or follow a part time schedule such as a couple hours a day, a few times a week. You will want to look for a program that includes different fun activities; dancing, singing, arts and crafts, storytelling, indoor and outdoor play are all designed to teach children different skills and how to interact with their peers. Private preschools are able to use key development indicators in order to keep track of your child’s social and emotional development through these activities as well.

The best preschool will improve your child’s motor skills, they will become masters in balancing on one foot, jumping in place, and running and kicking a ball. Preschoolers will learn how to recognize numerals 0 through 9, all 26 upper case letters of the alphabet and will learn or continue to learn the names of basic shapes, colors and body parts. Every day they will be surrounded by numbers and math, and counting will soon come easy to them.

Choosing a private preschool can provide many short term benefits to both you and your child. One of the main advantages is that private schools tend to be much smaller, which nurtures a sense of belonging within your child and allows children to receive more of an individualized attention compared to what is offered in a public school. Private schools also encourage and thrive on parent participation, which can give you insight of your child’s daily enviroment. A parent’s commitment to the preschool is especially vital so they can have a direct say in their child’s education.

Attending a preschool at a young age is proven to benefit the child once they become adults. Students who attend private schools, including preschools, have a higher rate of graduation and acceptance into universities. Additionally, adults who had gone to preschool were more likely to complete a higher degree of education and go to college than those who had not gone to preschool.

With these facts in mind, choosing the best preschool for your child guide them to immeasurable success in the future.

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