Recovery peer specialist

If you are interested in offering recovery coaching and peer support mental health, you are going to need peer specialist training in addiction courses, as well as recovery coach certification. Getting substance abuse training from a reputable institution can be a great way to help people overcome the disease of addiction, and move forward as they develop themselves as people, and realize their goals of having happy, healthy, productive lives.

Getting substance abuse training will help you learn about what addiction really is, as well as the many different types of addiction that you might run into, including sexual addiction, problem gambling addiction, internet porn and cybersex addiction, food addiction, and, of course, substance abuse and addiction. You will learn about the role of clinical supervision, the different organizations or agencies that certify addiction counselors, and much, much more. Read more about substance abuse training programs today, and take the next step in your career as a counselor that is educated and prepared to help people who are working to overcome addiction as they strengthen themselves and ready themselves to put their addictions in their pasts.

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