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There is no question that your child?s academic opportunities are important. Many parents put a lot of effort into choosing their school district they send their children to. When it comes time to apply for college, they go through an entire vetting process. What about your child?s preschool program? How important is your child?s academic preschool curriculum to the rest of their academic success? It essentially sets the tone for a successful academic career. When you are choosing an academic preschool program, make sure you keep these things to look for in a preschool in mind.

The staff of the preschool program
You can learn a lot about an academic preschool curriculum by paying attention to who is staffed. Is the preschool program simply hiring people to fill spaces or are they requiring academic degrees and previous childhood training? Many states do not require that preschool teachers have teaching degrees. However, there are academic preschool curriculums that only staff those with a teaching degree. Which would you prefer that your child attend? If you are looking how to find a preschool, make sure you pay attention to the staff?s experience.

The academic preschool activities offered
When you are looking at potential preschool programs, make sure you request information about the specific academic preschool activities that are offered. Is there any structure to the program? Is the child simply allowed to play all day? Structured programs tend to provide children with the academic skills that will help them with the rest of their academic careers. Even children that are exposed to the alphabet, reading, and writing, are more likely to pick up these skills earlier. The activities offered at this level could even affect your child?s college success. Approximately 60% of at risk children were found to be more likely not to go to college if they did not get a quality preschool education.

The level of safety at the school
Of course, any parent also wants to know that their child is safe. Preschool is often the first time that a parent is spending many hours away from their child. It can already be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to choose a school that the parent feels safe with. Safety is common in high risk areas. Choosing a safer school can also mean better success rates for your child. Between 1962 and 1967, a study examined the lives of 123 children, ages 3 and 4 born into poverty and at high risk of failing in school. In the study?s most recent phase, 97% of the studies participants still living were interviewed at age 40. Researchers found they had higher earnings, were more likely to hold a job, had committed fewer crimes, and were more likely to have graduated from high school.

The type of preschool program
The United States has many preschool program options. Parents can choose to skip preschool altogether. They can also choose to send their child to a half day program, full day program, or even an every other day type of program. While the type of academic preschool curriculum then you choose will likely depend on your availability and preferences, studies show that any preschool attendance is extremely important for future academic success. Statistics as high as 70% of at risk children were found to be more likely arrested for committing a violent crime if they did not get a quality preschool education. Whichever type of program you choose, it is important to understand that any type is valuable in itself.

Many parents face the tough decision of where to send their child to school. They also wonder if a preschool education is important and if the quality of the program itself matters. Overall, studies show that a quality preschool education is important and that when choosing one, you want to focus on staff experience, type of program, the safety of the school, and the curriculum itself.

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