What makes a man attractive

There is no absolute, 100% foolproof method of attracting the right woman, but there are some things that definitely help. In many cases, a person’s physical appearance can generate a certain amount of interest from women, but this is not always a guarantee.

A little more than half of Americans think that flattery is the best way to attract a mate, and about 30% say that personality is the most important aspect of picking a potential significant other. Also, recent research has indicated that almost a quarter of people think that using a friend as a go-between is the best way to let a person know you are interested.

For many men, these tactics do not work. They are often left asking, “Why can’t I achieve success with women?,” and “Do women approach men like me?” The answers to these questions often lie in a man’s level of self-confidence. Confidence will often have the biggest impact on the first impression you make on a woman, and this can often be the impression that lasts.

So why do women approach men with a high level of confidence?

Self-confidence gives you an air of stability, happiness, and contentment. It means that you are completely secure with who you are, your personality, your life situation, and your conversational skills. With confidence, you will be able to speak to anyone without worrying about what they might think about you or how they might judge you. You will not be afraid to approach women, and when you talk to them, self-confidence allows you to be yourself and not fabricate a fantasized image of what makes a man attractive.

Since the biggest reason for disputes and arguments within couples is finances, according to Statistic Brain, you will want to steer clear of talking about this subject when you first begin approaching women. Stick to areas of conversation that you are comfortable with, and ones that help keep your confidence level high.

If you have 100% self-confidence, you will be able to get a girl to like you without having to use pick up lines or other amateur dating methods. Your own conversational skills, your smile, and your overall energy will exude personality, charisma, and approachability. With these tools, approaching women will be easy for you. And with about 86 single men for every 100 single women in the U.S., you will be able to find the right one in no time.

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